We serve a genuine cuisine with solid, intense flavors which are tied together in a pure, unfiltered way.


We serve a 6 course menu of €105,00 during dinner which includes both fish and meat. During lunch, you also have the option to only go for 4 courses (€85,00) or 5 courses (€95,00). We can serve you a fully vegetarian menu and make small adjustments to our servings, if we know in advance. Please note that last minute changes the day itself will ask for an extra cost of €10,00.


Our alcoholic pairing is based on natural wine. The range for our drinks go from €8,00 to €12,00 per glass.


We also serve a non alcoholic pairing of high quality infusions based on tea, fruit, vegetables and herbs for the price of €8,50 per glass.


You can alternate per course between the alcoholic and non alcoholic options. You can choose per course to take a drink or not, therefore we do not have a fixed price for our pairings.