In between goals,
there is a life
that has to be lived
and enjoyed.

Our instinctive urge for all things genuine guided us here. To STABLE, an intuitive dining concept set in the former stables of Hof Ter Linden. No fuss. No musts. Merely a fresh, honest cuisine inflamed by chef Njegos Kalicanin and a purified setting to extend and strengthen our uncompromised attitude towards food. Coming to STABLE means to dive in.
Headfirst. And taking it all in.

STABLE was founded by Njegos Kalicanin, Goran Stamenkovic and Aleksandar Davidovic.

© Patricia Goijens


A darkened, yet sensorial scenery envisioned by Dieter Vander Velpen will make for an intense journey. Arno Declercq created a custom bar sculpture that enhances this raw and monumental aestethic. Pure, noble materials stripped from any excess. Raw traces of the past. Light and darkness. Welded together to revive the former stables into a place of virtue and venture. A place of forceful encounters, both on a gastronomical and an aesthetical level.

© Pieter D'Hoop
© Pieter D'Hoop

Our take on food

STABLE serves a genuine cuisine distilled from the experience and instincts of Njegos Kalicanin. An unpretentious chef who draws from years of working alongside Europe’s culinary elite. Solid, intense flavors are tied together in a pure, unfiltered way. Intuition driven and upfront. Just like the man in command. We urge you, let him take the lead.

STABLE offers both lunch and dinner. As guests in the main hall or in the privacy of our chef’s table.

© Patricia Goijens


STABLE is set in the ancient stables of Hof Ter Linden, a castle domain south of Antwerp dating back to the 17th century. The chateau grounds include multiple neoclassical buildings. Castle, carriages houses and stables are embedded in a forested area with an aisle of lime trees leading up to it. Drawing from the past, but eager to forge our own future STABLE has found a place in the eastern carriage house. Chase your instinct. You’ll know where to be.